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100% Raw 100% Natural

We produce only 100% raw honey and bee pollen. We take them directly from nature and provide them to you no additives no preservatives just pure all natural honey.

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Jamaica: 876-836-6500.

Texas: 469-305-0854.

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What We Offer

We produce only the finest honey, bee pollen and bee wax.

Our Apiaries

Our apiaries are located on the beautiful island of Jamaica, in the parish of St Elizabeth with a few located in neighboring parishes. We strategically position our apiaries close to flowering plants to maximize yield and also to produce the tastiest honey on the island.
We recently started a small operation in Texas, our aim is to provide the same high quality product at our Texas location.

Our Honey

Our honey is the as pure as it gets. Read our ingredients and what you will find is only ONE thing, "HONEY".

Raw all natural honey, has some amazing properties and uses which range from being a simple all natural alternative sweetener to sugar to helping with seasonal allergies.

Our Bee Pollen

Our bee pollen just like our honey, is ALL NATURAL with nothing added. The bee pollen is harvested using pollen traps that adds absolutely nothing to the pollen, after its harvested it is dried naturally by the sun.


We Offer The Following Products


Raw organic honey from the nectar of logwood and other tropical flowering plants.

Bee Pollen

We utilize the best pollen traps on the market to harvest our bee pollen. It is then dried and packaged and sent straight to you.

Bee Wax

We don't always sell our bee wax as it is reused in our apiaries however if you contact us we will try our best to get you what you need.

Apiary Equipment - Box

Whether you need supers or deeps, we have you covered. Contact us and let us know what you need.

Apiary Equipment - Frames

We have our own workshop, and we can build your frames, hive bodies, covers and bottom boards. What ever the size you need, we can build it.

Apiary Equipment - Covers/Bottoms

Do you need new bottom boards or covers? Contact us to place your order. If you need a custom bottom board, we can supply that too.

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