About Us


Who We Are

White Hall Apiaries, is a commercial honey producer based in Jamaica with a very small operation in North Texas. Our mission is to supply the highest quality all natural honey, bee pollen and hive equipment.

Our History

White Hall Apiaries was started by the late Samuel Cawley in the 1940s. Samuel started with a single hive of bees that he caught one day while out on the farm. He first noticed the swarm while he was out on his farm working one day. Mr Cawley decided to follow the swarm until they settled into a tree. He went home got a bucket and captured the swarm, and this was officially the first hive, for White Hall Apiaries. As time went by he grew that single hive into 50 hives and eventually started producing enough honey for sale. His primary focus was the local market but eventually started exporting honey, to the Gavin Hive Company in England. Samuel embarked on a mission to produce only the purest honey with absolutely nothing added and that still holds true for White Hall Apiaries today. Samuel died in 1998 and his son Elton Cawley took over the business.

Today White Hall Apiaries is one of the largest producers of honey, bee pollen and apiary equipment in Jamaica. The company owns over 1200 hives and is continuing to grow as the demand for all our All Natural honey grows. We strive to keep our process as simple and efficient as possible to ensure that we continue to produce the highest quality products.

Our main base of operations in White Hall in the parish of St Elizabeth. Most of our apiaries are located in this parish with a few in neighboring parishes. We strategically place our apiaries in locations where there is an abundance of flowering plants including logwood. The logwood plant produces one of the most flavorful honey with a beautiful light brown color. The parish of St Elizabeth is also home to our workshop where all our apiary equipment is made.

Our Texas operations is still in its infancy. We currently own 7 colonies, all of which are in locations where there is an abundance of Texas wild flowers. We will continue to grow our operations in Texas over the coming years. If you are interested in trying our Texas wild flower honey please send us a message or visit our Etsy Store.